Apos Goris and Johanna Lawrence

About Us

Urban Cinematography is an award winning filmmaking duo based in the UK. Our work as Cinematographers and Filmmakers has taken us across the globe filming weddings, events and films. We work with some of the best wedding planners in Europe and America, our clients include stars of film and screen, international sports stars and Royalty.

Our work has been featured in numerous blogs and editorials around the world like Hello! Magazine, Vogue, Wedding Style etc. As industry experts everything we do is carried out to the highest standards of creativity and individual care. Consequently, we limit the amount of work we take on to ensure each film receives the personal attention required.

Through a conscious decision we remain small because we always film and edit all the films ourselves, we never outsource our work. Our work Ethos is very strong, we give our all to our clients and our projects and remain true to our values thus giving our clients honest, touching, emotional memories to keep through our films for future generations to enjoy. Family history is captured at the point of new beginnings. We love to pass on our passion and enthusiasm for what we do.